Team Pedro Sauer UK

Master Pedro Sauer Seminar – July 2018

Master Sauer Seminar - July 2018

After attending both the Master Rickson Gracie seminar and the latest Rickson Gracie Cup, Master Pedro Sauer stayed on to deliver a seminar for the guys and girls from Connection Gracie Jiu Jitsu in Glasgow.

Representing Team Pedro Sauer UK, club instructor Robin French, as well as club member Jimmy Prince attended the session.

During the two hour session, Master Sauer opened up the floor to questions. To each question he gave answers that were, as per his usual style, frustratingly simple; leaving the guys and girls asking “Why hadn’t I thought of that myself…”.

A great session, Robin and Jimmy look forward to the next time they get to share a few hours on the mats with Master Sauer.